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Victorian Era Design

Victorian Building Techniques Basics

I stood in the Living Room a bit dumbfounded today by the damage a little curiosity can cause. I remember a month ago thinking to myself “I should help fix up The Laurels. A little paint wouldn’t hurt.” Oh what a deep rabbit hole I fell into. A “little paint”… …turned into “but first…remove the wallpaper because it is ugly…” …which turned into “and then remove the painted over, varnished Victorian wallpaper that  ...

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Renovations, Stories & Finds, The Laurels History

A Victorian Basement Kitchen

Ever wondered what was in the basement of a Victorian home? Wonder no further and allow me to tell you: the Gate to Hell. My Aunt Sheila looked at me like I was mad when I informed her of my exact hypothesis and said “someone watched a few scary movies growing up.” Thinking back to my 6 year old self eating cake rolls and drinking Diet Pepsi at my grandma’s while watching the gate of hell open up under some fallen tree on the television I simply nodded and told her she was  ...

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Family Life, Stories & Finds

Digging for Gold

Aunt Sheila brought over some fun things for us to explore the backyard with: her metal detector and a pair of divining rods…and now my mind is blown. I never would have believed they worked until sure enough they started to swing towards me when I walked over the water pipe running to the old green house. You can see the green house foundation here on the left in the photo above.   They dug the grass up for a bit while I started to believe it was a worm with metal insides  ...

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