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Victorian Kitchen Cleaning

Hazmat territory ya’ll. Seriously. I started cleaning the basement the other day because I had a half empty trash bin waiting to go out to the curb that needed some more stuff. See how things spiral out of control?


I met this guy under a pile of old flour sacks on top of a table I was hoping to replace the legs on and keep. These sacks in the background of the shoes:


That table is being burned now. I was thinking of putting him under glass and setting him on the fireplace mantle. Taxidermy is very in right now. 

I’m just going to leave this here in case you missed the blaring sarcasm: /s

I didn’t want to put the entire bottle collection on the shelves in case the thing fell off the wall, but I was able to get some of the decaying wood crates up until I can hit them with some rot stop. 



Cleaned an area of the floor up and some of the loose white wash from the wall so I could start moving the bottles out of the other room and into one area.


Remember the before?


A photo of the elusive Room 5 mentioned in the Victorian Basement Tour. The floor to the kitchen above is being replaced, so I was able to snap a sweet view of this train wreck. Another window chute of sorts is here, but since it is in the back yard I am not sure what it would be used for as of yet. More research required.