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Uncovering Victorian Era Tiles

The tiles started to come down in the kitchen today. Along with the upper cabinets.


Hubs is in shock. Watch him emote.


Guess what we found?


A GIANT HOLE! We knew that was there, how could you not…but look up there a bit, just peaking out under the awesome mid/late century beauties.


See that red peaking out? That’s original lime wash. No one else was as excited as I was by that. The tiles took center stage.


These are Victorian Aesthetic designs. We also found these:



Pretties! According to Sheila, the original sink in the scullery was here. These tiles were under layers of adhesive and paint: green and yellow.


We’re going to try to keep them exposed when we reinstate the kitchen…hopefully as the backdrop to the stove…or cooker…or whatever you call it this side of the pond.

Tile Haven has some interesting information on the floral design (via 1 and 2), but sadly most of the relevant information is on the back of the tiles…something we aren’t likely to see anytime soon.