Farrow and Ball Exterior Wood Primer Undercoat

It’s been a bit forever since I had a chance to make my way over to The Laurels for any work of substantial value. Mostly I was peeling wallpaper. It is everywhere. Woodchip on the mother freaking ceiling, ya’ll. Oi.

I might have also been hiding from winter.

But the bulbs are starting to sprout, so there was hope. And more importantly the humidity dropped below 80%, so I was actually able to get some painting in. Coat 1 of 2 undercoats completed, Coat 2 scheduled for…who the hell knows because it is England. Seriously, the forecast for the last few weeks has been 85-95% humidity. That’s worse than Florida.


Today the paint came out. I bought a bit of F&B to see what the fuss was about. I really wanted to hate it. I wanted to say “this is overpriced rubbish! TREND!!!! ICK!” Instead the whole process of painting went by super quickly and without a grumble. Instead I was like a mesmerized toddler watching fireworks explode.

Christ, if I have to fork out to paint the entire house in this sexy, sumptuous elixir of emulsive ecstasy I don’t know what I will do.

The coverage was brilliant. Straight on without a fuss. I still need to sand and add a second coat before moving on to the grand finale which is No 30 Hague Blue. It may take another year until I can find a 3 hour window with 70% humidity, but it will get done eventually.

unnamed (1)

For now I will leave you with this shoot of our gorgeous lady with her freshly painted door peaking out around the corner.

unnamed (2)