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Digging for Gold

Aunt Sheila brought over some fun things for us to explore the backyard with: her metal detector and a pair of divining rods…and now my mind is blown.


I never would have believed they worked until sure enough they started to swing towards me when I walked over the water pipe running to the old green house. You can see the green house foundation here on the left in the photo above.



They dug the grass up for a bit while I started to believe it was a worm with metal insides (jokingly) but after a while they found it: a twisted piece of aluminum.


Oey and Dad went on to find a metal wrapped Kinder Surprise Egg in the sweet peas around the base of the apple tree. Magic.


Aunt Sheila found an iron toy soldier in the garden years before she promised to show us one day. I’ll be sure to grab a photo and update this then…or if we come across a random hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold.