Before: Exterior


Welcome to The Laurels! The wild beasty Wisteria is slowly consuming the garage, but the way I see it: we don’t REALLY need a garage but we do need a wild beasty Wisteria. 🙂 One day I will save the garage and build the Wisteria an arbor to replace the gutter it is currently clinging to.


No hurry, though.



img_8168   img_8174

The front. I have my own arrowslit window, ya’ll! Zombie apocalypse proof.

Still mostly intact minus the original windows. The french pavers below the door step? There use to be a grill there. We figured it out after I noticed one of the windows in the basement lined up directly below the front door. Aunt Sheila, who has been an amazing source of information about the house when the Original Bufton’s first bought it, confirmed there was a grate there.

We’re having a terrible time with damp in the front of the house, along this wall.

The garage and gate are newer additions. The bricks are lighter and the pointing is different (the house has gorgeous penny pointing). The gate is crumbling a bit. The barge boards have a Gothic Revival style (trefoils and quatrefoils?) with an odd rugged, craftsman-esque feel to the whole affair as opposed to the leggy towering opulence of Gothic Revival elements. It could just be the paint giving things a squat feel…or the missing finials.

The back is another story.

Being a semi-attached, we can sneak peaks at our sister house, The Hollies next store. Still retaining the beauty of her original features I almost hate posting ours. But not quiet, it’s just another chapter in our girl’s history. Here it goes:



The big conservatory went on around the 60’s or 70’s, removing the original doors and bay window (it appears to be a box bay window). In addition they closed over the window above the stone sink in the old basement kitchen in the process leading to some pretty ugly basement conditions over the last 50-ish years. Enough to decimate a cast iron stove.