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Free Self Hosted Website Solutions for Digital Product Sellers

MegaGeek Alert: You’ll need a lot of nerdery to keep up with this article. If you are looking for more simple solutions for web presence for your business, check out the Free Website Tools section in Free Tools for Your Digital Product Business. Domain Names If you do decide to self host a website, there aren’t many (any?) options for free domain names that I would recommend. Lots of hosting providers offer a free name with your service plan, but you want to be weary about who  ...

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Free Tools for Your Digital Product Business

Running a small business can be tough, especially when trying to keep your business profitable while maintaining competitive pricing. There is an old saying that “you have to spend money to make money” but sometimes even that extra $10 a month to start an email newsletter is tough. Luckily there are a few tools out there to help the bootstrapping small business owner, and best of all: they are FREE! Don’t mistake this for The Best Tools for Your Digital Product Business, even if some  ...

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Finding Your Focus as a Creative Entrepreneur

Meet Jane, an Aspiring Creative Entrepreneur Jane is creative, In fact she is fiercely creative with a fervor that keeps her mind spinning away from sleep most nights. She designs, codes, sews, paints, travels, cooks, takes photographs, and knits. She discovers digital products and jumps straight in, excited at the possibility of having her talent recognized and of possibly making some money with all of her bottle up creative energy. So she starts a shop, connects it to her bank account and  ...

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How Do I Create Business & Marketing Plans if I don’t Know What to Expect?

How Do I Create Business & Marketing Plans if I don’t Know What to Expect? No, I know. The question of the ages, y’all. It is hard to take a guess at something when you don’t have a boatload of knowledge in the area helping you out. And how on earth is a person suppose to be an expert in ALL. THE. THINGS!!!!??? When trying to create things like business plans, financial projections, marketing strategies and determining where to invest our budgets when we have no  ...

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